DFE, Pratyaksh pramana

i was also practicing hypnotherapy sessions in 2013/14. i had remembered Sree Maa’s guidance in the Practitioner’s training not to mix modalities. With one of my clients under hypnosis, a Dark Force Entity (DFE) surfaced up that was unwilling to leave. i had only dealt with entities and spirits and having a DFE surface up was a different ball game altogether.

For 45 mins i struggled, using every tool and technique in my kitty to make it go, but nothing was working. On the contrary, i was being heralded with abuses and threats by this DFE via the client. Can’t deny i felt scared and the DFE tried to magnify the fear that i was feeling. It even told me not to look at my books for scripts to release DFE which i always kept by my side during a session to refer to. It was watching me through my client’s third eye. It even tried bring out my own darkness by giving me a lecture that darkness is in everyone.

i finally threatened it back to shut up. Not knowing what to do further, i surrendered and silently shared QVSWPP with the client. Within 5 to 10 seconds, the DFE said it’s leaving and to stop doing whatever i was doing. i was astounded and had a pratyaksh pramana of what had been the foremost nuance of QVSWPP, that anything lower in vibration than the Mother of all frequencies, energies and vibrations, The QVSWPP, can not stay in IT’s Presence. DFE of course had no chance and did not go to light but left the client to go to it’s own realm.

This incident was a huge turning point in the way i viewed things. Things that were bookish knowledge earlier were turning into experiences that my mind couldn’t deny. What an experience and i felt supremely grateful to Sree Maa Shri Ji for gifting something superbly spectacular. Must confess felt a little stupid as well that it was less than a 10 seconds job for QVSWPP where i struggled for 45 mins. From that day on, my first session with all new hypnotherapy clients was a session of Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse (QVSWPP). Whether they liked it or not, believed it or not, this was my style of offering therapy, take it or leave it😝

The journey and the revelations that QVSWPP was weaving and the self realizations i was having were unique and remarkable. The doer had started relying a lot on QVSWPP which was a good sign as it was acting like a friend to the non-doer (akarta-akarmi) instead of an enemy.

What a training ground Sree Maa Shri Ji had provided where without being told what to say or do, i had the freedom to draw my own conclusions from my experiences🙏 and yet Sree Maa Shri Ji were always available via emails, what’s app to listen to my experiences and answer my questions 🙇❗