Kosmic Fusion, Kaveeta Suniel

The spin on top of my head was erratic. Sometimes i felt it, sometimes i didn’t but it was definitely there. What followed next was a state of Turiya avastha for 3 weeks straight without having to do any kriya, yoga or meditation. Unbelievable! What followed over the next year was that the erratic graph of oscillating between sudden highs and lows became a straight neutral line. Everything that i perceived to be negative in my life be it people, situations, energies started to dissipate effortlessly. i stopped absorbing other people’s low energies and remained unaffected by negative environments which wasn’t the case earlier. This was a huge relief. Welcome neutrality! 😇

All i wanted to do was to meet the person whom i never met or spoke to, only interacted over one or two emails to inquire how to proceed with Kosmic Fusion and still could bring such a stark shift in my inner state of being sitting afar. Kaveeta Suniel (Sree Maa Shri Ji), founders and visionaries of Kosmic Fusion, were most forthcoming in giving me an appointment to meet them in Jan 2012. The day i met them was the day where the feeling of ‘something missing’ which i couldn’t pinpoint what it was, vanished for good. i experienced an exhilarating feeling of home coming and a feeling of completeness that has never dropped till date.
Atyant AbhAr Sree Maa for listening to my yearning and choosing to walk in my life_/\_ Your Presence has brought the much needed relief and direction i was looking for_/\_🙇