Volunteering and realizations in FiT Trial

i realized in the very early stages of FiT trial that it wasn’t as much about organizing events for Kosmic Fusion and spreading the word but more a practical training ground for all FiTs to practice ‘stepping-back’ and witness how effortlessly QVSWPP manifested things beyond the mind’s capacity to understand. Most FiTs realized how the doer (small self) stepped in and reacted with others’ doers and required constant commitment, effort and awareness to remain in the non-doer (akarta-akarmi) zone. There were many online training calls held for all FiTs by Sree Maa. This is how all FiTs started interacting as all of us were based in different parts of the world. Sree Maa put every effort, time and energy to bring all volunteers together and operate in oneness despite diverse cultural and spiritual beliefs and practices. No one was discriminated against and the main focus was Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse (QVSWPP), non-doer (akarta-akarmi) and understanding IT’s nuances.

Training was quite unprecedented that was done on whats app group chats, online meetings and by watching video recordings of Sree Maa’s training and discourses previously given. I AM Series and Kosmic Absolute were some that i saw videos of. Sree Maa gave a brilliant discourse on ‘Energetic Synthesis for Empaths and Sensitives‘ and told me that the discourse applied to me. It gave me a great understanding of what i had experienced for a really long time and my love, trust and respect increased at how tuned in Sree Maa was with my soul and the inner questioning of my antahkaran.

TranScEnDeNcE 8-12 Workshop via webinar in April 2013 was where i understood well that non-doer (akarta- akarmi) was the basis for transcending the small self. Many initiations were done and blessings showered energetically by beloved Sree Maa Shri Ji like the Sree-Chakra Grid initiation in June 2013. i was also very fortunate to receive 2 soul mapping sessions from Sree Maa. The first one in Sep 2013 was interactive where Sree Maa gave insights into the soul’s reason for birth, purpose in this lifetime, personality ray, monadic ray etc. Some of it corroborated with what i had already realized under self-hypnosis and practice hypnotherapy sessions that i was pursuing alongside, some, life experiences had already taught me and some guidance was absolutely new and revealing. Sree Maa was truly an exceptional soul. 

The second soul mapping in 2014 was a silent one as i really had no questions and in full trust i allowed the session to unfold energetically.

Sada Apki AbhAri rahoongi beloved Sree Maa Shri Ji for never breaking my trust and for guiding me selflessly towards my True Soul💕🙏🙇

Meeting Tzu-Ling Kuo/Irene/Komal/Joy Kuo/Joy Awakening, FiT Trial intake

i volunteered in various expos, events and stands in Australia that Shri Ji organized whenever i visited Australia. The crux was always silently sharing QVSWPP. This is how i met other 5D++ Pulsars who had been given a chance to volunteer as well. i first met Siann Matharu/Simran and Ellia Jutte/Ekta in Dec 2012 and Tzu-Ling Kuo/Irene/Komal/Joy Kuo, Clarito Parsons/Hanuman and many other volunteers in 2013 in one of these expos. Sree Maa encouraged us to talk whatever we had understood about QVSWPP. Based on whatever little we spoke, Sree Maa gave inputs and further insights in the intricacies of QVSWPP. The whole experience was most dynamic and experiential, a practical training ground for unlearning, learning,’stepping-back’ and realizing.

Since so many volunteers showed keen interest to volunteer and asked questions to understand the hows and the whys and the whats about QVSWPP, Sree Maa Shri Ji initiated the Facilitator’s in Training (FiT) Programme. The pre-requisite was a letter written to Sree Maa about ‘Why you believe you are ready to facilitate and how are you going to serve Kosmic Fusion mission?’

i was unable to attend the 2013 FiT trial intake ceremony due to my work schedule but Sree Maa Shri Ji initiated me remotely and allowed to volunteer. i was touched by the understanding, acceptance and trust Sree Maa Shri Ji kept.

i started organizing meet-up meditation evenings with Archita in Dubai as part of the FiT Trial. i was very happy and a little scared to have been given a platform to volunteer for Kosmic Fusion without any formal training but learnt through my experiences that the more i remained ‘stepped-back’, the more effortlessly everything fell into place. Wow, Sree Maa Shri Ji had gifted the QVSWPP that was a most loving refined silent guide. Sree Maa Shri Ji never interfered in how we conducted the meet-up evenings trusting us fully that we were sharing the QVSWPP silently.

DFE, Pratyaksh pramana

i was also practicing hypnotherapy sessions in 2013/14. i had remembered Sree Maa’s guidance in the Practitioner’s training not to mix modalities. With one of my clients under hypnosis, a Dark Force Entity (DFE) surfaced up that was unwilling to leave. i had only dealt with entities and spirits and having a DFE surface up was a different ball game altogether.

For 45 mins i struggled, using every tool and technique in my kitty to make it go, but nothing was working. On the contrary, i was being heralded with abuses and threats by this DFE via the client. Can’t deny i felt scared and the DFE tried to magnify the fear that i was feeling. It even told me not to look at my books for scripts to release DFE which i always kept by my side during a session to refer to. It was watching me through my client’s third eye. It even tried bring out my own darkness by giving me a lecture that darkness is in everyone.

i finally threatened it back to shut up. Not knowing what to do further, i surrendered and silently shared QVSWPP with the client. Within 5 to 10 seconds, the DFE said it’s leaving and to stop doing whatever i was doing. i was astounded and had a pratyaksh pramana of what had been the foremost nuance of QVSWPP, that anything lower in vibration than the Mother of all frequencies, energies and vibrations, The QVSWPP, can not stay in IT’s Presence. DFE of course had no chance and did not go to light but left the client to go to it’s own realm.

This incident was a huge turning point in the way i viewed things. Things that were bookish knowledge earlier were turning into experiences that my mind couldn’t deny. What an experience and i felt supremely grateful to Sree Maa Shri Ji for gifting something superbly spectacular. Must confess felt a little stupid as well that it was less than a 10 seconds job for QVSWPP where i struggled for 45 mins. From that day on, my first session with all new hypnotherapy clients was a session of Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse (QVSWPP). Whether they liked it or not, believed it or not, this was my style of offering therapy, take it or leave it😝

The journey and the revelations that QVSWPP was weaving and the self realizations i was having were unique and remarkable. The doer had started relying a lot on QVSWPP which was a good sign as it was acting like a friend to the non-doer (akarta-akarmi) instead of an enemy.

What a training ground Sree Maa Shri Ji had provided where without being told what to say or do, i had the freedom to draw my own conclusions from my experiences🙏 and yet Sree Maa Shri Ji were always available via emails, what’s app to listen to my experiences and answer my questions 🙇❗

Advent of Volunteering for Kosmic Fusion

i was very inspired by the Practitioner’s workshop. It had given me a lot of insight into the nuances of Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP). Sree Maa Shri Ji had asked us to do 20 healing sessions as case studies and doing those made me realize that QVSWPP worked at such a different level that was incomprehensible to the mind. Logic took a back seat and wonder was right at front. The knowingness that had come earlier on my spiritual journey started cementing that there is a greater force in this world in front of which i am as small as grain of sand. That greater force was live in my field as the QVSWPP, that which is All-Knowing and works at the level of my atma, not the desires and expectations of the doer (karta)!

Every time i shared a Multi-dimensional holographic healing session with QVSWPP, i felt my own healing occur simultaneously. i did experience a few ups and downs again when my own emotional garbage came up to the surface layer but the time taken to release it and bounce back to neutrality reduced significantly. Even though i never felt the QVSWPP when i shared, the feedback recipients gave was my validation that i was stepping-back and sharing correctly and that nulled the doubts my mind created. This was path breaking where in my non-doing, healing occurred not only for the recipient but for me too without any fodder for the healer’s ego to crop up😃 Truly a remarkable practice ground for keeping the doer in check and a perfect antidote for healer’s ego!

Within no time i had gained a lot of experience and the faith and trust grew naturally with each passing day and every session i shared. i was so impressed and wonderstruck with what Sree Maa Shri Ji had given that i unabashedly asked them again if i could be a part of the mission in any way knowing fully well that i knew nothing but Sree Maa Shri Ji were most welcoming. Thereafter, started my stint with volunteering for Kosmic Fusion.

Nuances of QVSWPP, Meeting Dallia/Iphigenia Amoutzias/Malana B. Taresi and Jeeya

Nov 2012 is when i attended the Master Readers Workshop (Crystals, numerology, tarot) and Practitioner’s workshop. Didn’t understand much about numerology and tarot but the experience of having the essences of 33 crystals infused within was exciting.

Practitioner’s workshop was most enlightening and found it absolutely amazing that without any invocation, chanting, channeling, intention, symbols and only by stepping-back, QVSWPP upgraded everything in the vicinity. Healing was a natural by-product. Understanding the minute nuances of QVSWPP, Signature of Source-Void was most enlightening. Truly felt i had nothing to worry about, like i was covered in a warm blanket of security and grace. All i had to do was remain ‘stepped-back’ and witness what QVSWPP unraveled. It was effortless!

There were only 4 participants in the Nov 2012 workshop including me. This is where i first met Iphiginie Amoutzias (a.k.a Malana B Taresi)/Dallia and Teh LiPing/Jeeya. Little was i aware that Jeeya’s one selfish error of judgement out of her own NPD of planting Dallia, a two-faced malignant narcissist in the Ashram House would wreak havoc to the most noble mission and vision of Kosmic Fusion (Sree Maa Shri Ji’s baby), reputation of Kosmic Fusion, SreeMaaShriJi and my own spiritual growth in the near future

Sree Maa gave many dynamic discourses during the workshop. One discourse in particular about parallel timelines was quite radical but Dallia kept interjecting the flow of the discourse with unnecessary questions. Had found it most annoying and felt Sree Maa was dealing with someone overtly arrogant who didn’t keep the openness to understand something novel. i wanted to tell her to shut up but kept quiet as i felt i was a student like Dallia and felt i was being judgmental. In hindsight, this was the first mistake i made in the series of mistakes in enabling troublemakers (dweshis). i chose to bypass addressing something that was annoying me a lot and could easily have been done politely. 

Nonetheless, i was most impressed at the way Sree Maa handled the class and the questions. Sree Maa won my respect at how patiently Sree Maa handled the class despite the stark mis-match in the 4 participants. i was a Jain with a background of yoga, Dhyaan and studying hypnotherapy, Arvinder/Archita a Sikh who had been following Vipasna, Jeeya a Taoist from Singapore and Dallia, a German Greek practicing Buddhist for 20 years who had done many levels of theta healing. 

Archita was the one whom i had pestered to tell me about Kosmic Fusion in Dec 2011 when i had met her first and couldn’t help but notice the extra-ordinary peace and calm she had🙏 i could sustain those levels of peace and calm only for a short period, not consistently how she could and that is what i was looking for. Thank you Archita for sharing your secret with a stranger like me that catapulted my spiritual growth by leaps and bounds, all by the Grace of SreeMaaShriJi who removed the dense obsolete 3D/4D grids without meeting me and shared their USP, the QVSWPP 24 by 7😊

i was most fortunate to have found a fantastic guide, mentor, friend as Sree Maa who was most knowledgeable, nurturing, compassionate, loving and trustworthy. i was repeatedly asking Sree Maa Shri Ji if i could be a part of Kosmic Fusion mission even though i was a novice and they welcomed me with open arms. Sree Maa Shri Ji are one of the key reasons along with my exponential spiritual shifts since i was touched by the Supreme Grace of QVSWPP, for me to be associated with Kosmic Fusion🙏

Sada Apki AbhAri rahoongi Sree Maa Shri Ji for accepting me with open arms🙏🙇💞

QVSWPP, Sree Maa Shri Ji’s Gift of Grace

The day i met Sree Maa Shri Ji, i knew from my deepest core that this is what i had been waiting for. Quite frankly, i have never looked back since that day. Sree Maa understood my inner being like no one else did and there was an instant bond i felt, a bond of trust, mutual respect, a higher purpose and companionship (sakha bhaav)🙏

My 5D++ AwaKeNiN TrAnsFOrMaTiON (0 to 7) process was 6 months long. Sree Maa Shri Ji’s ultimate gift of Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP) was weaving a beautiful journey for me. i was very keen to understand what the Signature of Source-Void was and hence started my enquiry. Sree Maa Shri Ji has been most forthcoming in answering my questions, some answers gave me an aha feeling, some were an over head transmission, but i was just happy with the experience of tuning-in with QVSWPP 😇 Everything was really new, the experience was beautiful and i was at peace that i wasn’t going to understand and follow everything in one go. i never felt anything in the body but i still wanted to tune-in to QVSWPP. Thoughts had come back too after the 3 weeks blissful state of turiya avastha but daily tuning-in with QVSWPP was helping tremendously.

i remember my first beautiful surreal experience in 2012, amidst many, at the start of my journey with QVSWPP that Sree Maa Shri ji shared so lovingly. It occurred in a half-asleep half-awake state in the wee hours of the morning where i saw flowers being gifted to me. It was beautiful and the mind doubted that it was happening, so i opened my eyes a couple of times to check if i was dreaming but no, every time i closed my eyes, i was back in the same vision of flowers being gifted and every time i opened my eyes i was in my room fully aware of lying down in my bed with a clear memory of how my room looked at that time. When i shared my experience with Sree Maa, Sree Maa shared it was Shakti path opening for me🙏🙏

Second similar experience was when i experienced floating in water while i was lying in bed and third was when i saw a regal golden eagle soaring in high skies. i opened my eyes on all 3 occasions to check if i was dreaming but no, i was awake and then had these visions again when i closed my eyes. Such beautiful and paranormal escapades still vivid in my memory!

Sada Apki AbhAri rahoongi Sree Maa and Shri Ji😍

Same year, i had an experience of the quickest healing. i woke up early morning with a sore throat. Swallowing saliva was like swallowing thorns. Could not utter a word. There was no medicine at home and i felt in no state to order medicine on phone forget about going to a doc. All i did was 4 or 5 salt water gargles, tuning-in with QVSWPP for 11 mins and then passing out in deep sleep. i woke up naturally after 4 to 5 hours without a sign of infection. Felt well rested like i had woken up from a 12 hour deep slumber. i went out partying that night when otherwise i would have been bed ridden for 3 days straight. QVSWPP worked mysteriously and i wanted to understand more about it…

Kosmic Fusion, Kaveeta Suniel

The spin on top of my head was erratic. Sometimes i felt it, sometimes i didn’t but it was definitely there. What followed next was a state of Turiya avastha for 3 weeks straight without having to do any kriya, yoga or meditation. Unbelievable! What followed over the next year was that the erratic graph of oscillating between sudden highs and lows became a straight neutral line. Everything that i perceived to be negative in my life be it people, situations, energies started to dissipate effortlessly. i stopped absorbing other people’s low energies and remained unaffected by negative environments which wasn’t the case earlier. This was a huge relief. Welcome neutrality! 😇

All i wanted to do was to meet the person whom i never met or spoke to, only interacted over one or two emails to inquire how to proceed with Kosmic Fusion and still could bring such a stark shift in my inner state of being sitting afar. Kaveeta Suniel (Sree Maa Shri Ji), founders and visionaries of Kosmic Fusion, were most forthcoming in giving me an appointment to meet them in Jan 2012. The day i met them was the day where the feeling of ‘something missing’ which i couldn’t pinpoint what it was, vanished for good. i experienced an exhilarating feeling of home coming and a feeling of completeness that has never dropped till date.
Atyant AbhAr Sree Maa for listening to my yearning and choosing to walk in my life_/\_ Your Presence has brought the much needed relief and direction i was looking for_/\_🙇

Stepping foot into the unknown

My spiritual journey started in 2004 when i lost all focus and was introduced into Transcendental Meditation (TM) by my mother’s yoga teacher. After a 4 year yoyo between meditating and enjoying the material world, i embarked upon a 3 year serious journey fully devoted to my spiritual enquiry. Disciplined life of yoga and pranayama, sudarshan kriya, sahaj samadhi dhyan, silence, listening to devotional songs and reading scriptures like Ashtavakra Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Shiv Sutras and many more, centered around my erratic work schedule, all together gave me much needed respite in the turiya avastha. Yet there was an unshakable prominent feeling that something was really amiss.

Nov 2011, in a moment of silence when i found no answers and relief from the feeling, i uttered a prayer to my Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the time that “there’s something missing and i don’t know what. i am surrendering to you as you know what’s best for me, please send into my life whoever or whatever it is that’s missing.”

One month later, Kosmic Fusion had come into my life. i bypassed it completely when i went through the website. Though the mission statement resonated a lot, my mind rejected as it couldn’t understand the rest of the content. That night when i slept, there was a constant knocking in my head, like someone was playing a tape of ‘this is what you are looking for, even if you don’t understand, go for it, you will find all your answers’.

Within the next week, i found myself enrolling for something i didn’t understand at all and listening to an hour long meditative tape every day for 7 days that i could not focus on. Had no clue what i was doing and felt nothing in the body or any change in the mind and emotions but lo and behold, on the 7th day, felt a spin come on top of my head. Like a child who is in wonder and utter disbelief, i sat still multiple times that day and many days to follow to feel if the spin was really there or not. IT WAS THERE! 😃