Kosmic Fusion, School of Absolute Truth

2014 was an eventful year with a lot of online FiT training calls, training videos, Kosmic Tribe get togethers, meet up meditations, Kosmic clinics etc. There was a 9 days online Akashic Records Master Readers Workshop in July 2014 and i was most impressed with Sree Maa Shri Ji’s commitment levels. Sree Maa Shri Ji lead by example.

This was also the year where we wrote letters to self-reflect and introspect. i wrote my first SELF to self letter in Aug 2014. Till date i like to refer to my self-reflection letters written from SELF to self and self to SELF and use them as a measure to gauge how i have grown and how to tackle my small self when it acts like a stubborn child that does not want to budge.

To help all FiTs to bond, Sree Maa Shri Ji organized a personal communal session in Dec 2014. i had a strong reaction against it and disrupted the entire session mid-way. Sree Maa never till date once reprimanded or commented how i disrupted Sree Maa’s session with the entire group and has displayed to me by example that akarta-akarmi (non-doer) has zero expectations, an example of nishkaam karma that i realized much later.

Open reflection was encouraged very highly by Sree Maa to help break ice and to view, witness and move out of the ego patterns in the latter part of 2014. Even though Sree Maa had said it openly that the ego was everyone’s own responsibility, as the phase 1 was reaching an end, Sree Maa out of compassion and love and in preparation for the formal launch of the FiT Programme helped FiTs to look at their grey shades. One such reflection question and answer session on the ‘FiT’ whats app group chat is as follows:

The mentoring style was novel and done on what’s app as all FiTs were in different time zones. The reflection questions posed by Sree Maa were aimed at breaking the ahankaar (ego) out of it’s comfort zone and the Absolute Truth shared were unparalleled. Sree Maa always kept a very honest and truthful approach and the feedback given was always based on Absolute Truth that Sree Maa shared through out the programme. Well! Kosmic Fusion was the School of Absolute Truth, so how could this element be missing😉

Phase 1 was coming to an end. The doer stepped in every now and then but stepping-back was becoming easier with constant practice and awareness and mainly by tuning-in to QVSWPP which could be done anytime anywhere. Consistently operating as the Akarta-akarmi (non-doer) was still work in progress and the reflection and self introspection were key elements in staying in the non-doer zone🙏🙇

Meeting Tzu-Ling Kuo/Irene/Komal/Joy Kuo/Joy Awakening, FiT Trial intake

i volunteered in various expos, events and stands in Australia that Shri Ji organized whenever i visited Australia. The crux was always silently sharing QVSWPP. This is how i met other 5D++ Pulsars who had been given a chance to volunteer as well. i first met Siann Matharu/Simran and Ellia Jutte/Ekta in Dec 2012 and Tzu-Ling Kuo/Irene/Komal/Joy Kuo, Clarito Parsons/Hanuman and many other volunteers in 2013 in one of these expos. Sree Maa encouraged us to talk whatever we had understood about QVSWPP. Based on whatever little we spoke, Sree Maa gave inputs and further insights in the intricacies of QVSWPP. The whole experience was most dynamic and experiential, a practical training ground for unlearning, learning,’stepping-back’ and realizing.

Since so many volunteers showed keen interest to volunteer and asked questions to understand the hows and the whys and the whats about QVSWPP, Sree Maa Shri Ji initiated the Facilitator’s in Training (FiT) Programme. The pre-requisite was a letter written to Sree Maa about ‘Why you believe you are ready to facilitate and how are you going to serve Kosmic Fusion mission?’

i was unable to attend the 2013 FiT trial intake ceremony due to my work schedule but Sree Maa Shri Ji initiated me remotely and allowed to volunteer. i was touched by the understanding, acceptance and trust Sree Maa Shri Ji kept.

i started organizing meet-up meditation evenings with Archita in Dubai as part of the FiT Trial. i was very happy and a little scared to have been given a platform to volunteer for Kosmic Fusion without any formal training but learnt through my experiences that the more i remained ‘stepped-back’, the more effortlessly everything fell into place. Wow, Sree Maa Shri Ji had gifted the QVSWPP that was a most loving refined silent guide. Sree Maa Shri Ji never interfered in how we conducted the meet-up evenings trusting us fully that we were sharing the QVSWPP silently.